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Using a Light Diffuser in Photography

The use of light diffusers has been around ever since the art of photography has evolved. Light diffusers can help reduce the amount of glare that you on a subject and at the same time reduce the overall amount of light present in a room. If you want to know how to use a light diffuser in photography, here’s how.

A light diffuser is not only used as fluorescent light covers. It can also be used in photography. To use them, the first step to do is to create a temporary light diffuser by cutting the center of a foam core. Cut this into a rectangular shape as this will serve as your frame. Use a thin sheet of tissue paper over the hole that you made in the center. Place the diffuser you made over a window or strobe to block the sunlight. Since this is a temporary diffuser, the next thing you should do is to purchase a light diffuser kit. This kit includes a basic solid colored light diffuser with metallic reflectors. This will be used when you want to bounce the light off the subject of your picture. Place the diffuser over the strobe lights to create the proper lighting. For your camera’s flash, you can use an omni cover. This is a durable plastic that fits snugly over the flash of your camera. This will help you control the amount of light from the flash. Next place a thin piece of paper over your flash and secure it with rubber bands. This is also your temporary solution in case you don’t have an omni cover. Lastly, use a light diffuser if you want to create a subtle lighting. This will remove too much shadow in your photography.